Where is it 80 degrees year-round in the world? (2024)

Where is it 80 degrees year-round in the world?

Lihue, Hawaii

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Where in the United States is it 80 year round?

Hawaii, USA

Probably one of the most obvious choices, Hawaii is the pinnacle of warm nights and sunny days. The average temperature in the Hawaiian islands stays right around 80 degrees all year round, but even on a chilly day it only drops to a low of about 70 degrees.

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Is there anywhere in the world that stays 75 degrees year round?

Loja in central-southern Ecuador is known as the “Valley Of Smiles”, and a visitor might quickly figure that the name comes from the weather (daily averages in the mid-70s pretty much all year long) rather than the city's reputation as the country's cultural epicenter for its music, arts, and original Colonial ...

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Where in the world is it 80 degrees in january?

Ready to book your January getaway?
CityAverage temperature in January
Lima, Peru79°F / 26°C
San Juan, Puerto Rico81°F / 27°C
Cairo, Egypt72°F / 22°C
Phuket, Thailand91°F / 33°C
6 more rows
Nov 20, 2023

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What is the warmest place in the world all year round?

Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol, Denakil lies and impressive 381 ft below sea level and often experiences extremely hot temperature. With 94 degrees, Dallol has the highest average temperature in the world.

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What state has the coolest summers?

Alaska has the coldest winters, the coldest summers, the longest winter, the most freezing degree days, and on and on.

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Where are the coolest summers in the US?

22 Cool Weather Summer Vacations in the US
  • Sun Valley, Idaho. ...
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. ...
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon. ...
  • San Francisco, California. ...
  • San Juan Islands, Washington. ...
  • Seattle, Washington. ...
  • Olympic National Park, Washington. ...
  • Lake Tahoe, California.

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Which US city has the best weather?

Honolulu, Hawaii

With an average high of 84 degrees and 0 days below freezing, Honolulu provides the best year-round weather in the United States. While Honolulu does experience a rainy season between November and March, you'll almost never have to deal with snow or cold temperatures.

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Where is the most stable weather in the world?

Ecuador. The weather in Ecuador is ideal as it is consistent throughout the year. Since the country is at the equator, the sunshine is also steady and hence, these conditions make the country one of the places with the best weather in the world.

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What state is not too hot and not too cold?

California: The Golden State of Weather Bliss

The coastal areas, like San Diego and Santa Barbara, enjoy some of the most temperate climates in the country. With average temperatures ranging from 60°F to 75°F throughout the year, California is a dream destination for sun-seekers.

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What country has cool weather all year round?

Iceland is characterized by a Polar Tundra climate and consequently, remains cold throughout the year. Temperatures in summer are as low as 50°F which fall even lower in winters, reaching as low as 37°F on average in January.

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How hot is Dubai in January?

FAQs for Dubai in January

While it's not as scorching as the summer months, daytime temperatures still hover around 20°C to 25°C, making it relatively warm and comfortable for outdoor activities. However, evenings and nights can be cooler, with temperatures dropping to around 12°C to 15°C.

Where is it 80 degrees year-round in the world? (2024)

Where is it cold all year on Earth?

Oymyakon is the coldest permanently-inhabited place on Earth and is found in the Arctic Circle's Northern Pole of Cold.

What state has 70 80 degree weather year round?

While temperatures fluctuate throughout the year in most U.S. states, there are few states with warm weather that see averages around 70-degree weather year-round. These states include Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Where in the US is it warmest all year round?

Miami, Florida – avg. 78.7°F and 343.57 hours of sun per month. It's official – Miami is the hottest city in the United States! With an average monthly temperature of 78.7°F and 343.57 hours of sun per month, Miami is the ultimate destination for warm weather and sun-seeking travellers.

What is the coldest city on Earth year round?

Yakutsk has an average annual temperature of −8.0 °C (17.6 °F), winter high temperatures consistently well below −20 °C (−4 °F), and a record low of −64.4 °C (−83.9 °F). As a result, Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world.

What state has the worst weather year round?

Here's a list of the 10 worst weather states in the U.S.:
  • Illinois. ...
  • Colorado. ...
  • South Dakota. Extreme weather score: 64.5. ...
  • Kansas. Extreme weather score: 63.7. ...
  • Washington. Extreme weather score: 59.2. ...
  • Oklahoma. Extreme weather score: 59.2. ...
  • New Mexico. Extreme weather score: 58.8. ...
  • Missouri. Extreme weather score: 58.8.
Oct 28, 2021

What states stay cool all year long?

The coldest states in the US are Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Maine, Wisconsin, Idaho, Vermont, and Michigan. Alaska is the coldest state in the US, with an average annual temperature of 30.7 F°. The second coldest state in the US is North Dakota, with an average temperature of 42.4 F°.

What states have no hot summers?

The coolest summers are in Alaska by far. In the contiguous US the northern coast of California as well as Oregon rarely get out of the low 70s even in hottest part of the year. The biggest city in that category is San Francisco.

What part of North Carolina has the coolest summers?

Highlands, North Carolina

Located in western North Carolina on what is known as the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau in the Nantahala National Forest, Highlands has been called "the Aspen of the East." At an elevation of 4,118 feet, the temperatures, even in the peak of summer, rarely get above the high 70s.

Where is not too hot in July?

If you want to enjoy the sun, then Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey are all great options. But if you prefer cooler climes, then Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are all better bets.

Where in the world is it 60 70 degrees year round?

San Diego, California

Summer highs hover around the 80-degree mark, while winter highs are usually 60 to 70 degrees. San Diego also has an average of 260 sunny days per year.

Where is the cheapest place to live with good weather?

Check out some of the most affordable cities to live in that have temperate weather year-round.
  1. Jackson, Mississippi. Average weather summer: 73°F to 92°F.
  2. Birmingham, Alabama. ...
  3. Shreveport, Louisiana. ...
  4. Memphis, Tennessee. ...
  5. Columbus, Georgia. ...
  6. Mobile, Alabama. ...
  7. Little Rock, Arkansas. ...
  8. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. ...
Mar 24, 2023

Where to live 2030?

Top 10 States, Future Livability
  • Utah.
  • Minnesota.
  • Colorado.
  • Nebraska.
  • North Dakota.
  • Virginia.
  • Iowa.
  • Hawaii.

Which climate is best for humans?

Often described as moderate in temperature and precipitation, type C climates are the most favorable to human habitation in that they host the largest human population densities on the planet. Type C climates are found mostly in the midlatitudes bordering the tropics.

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