What is the lowest paid job? (2024)

What is the lowest paid job?

The lowest-paying jobs, which pay $15 or less an hour, include fast food workers, restaurant servers and bartenders, child care workers, preschool teachers, hotel clerks, personal care and home health aides, grocery store cashiers, among others. (Currently, minimum wage in 20 states remains at $7.25 per hour.)

What is the lowest paid job in the world?

Most Lowest Paying Jobs in the World in 2024
  • Maids.
  • Housekeeping Cleaners.
  • Cashiers.
  • Bartender Helpers.
  • Cooks.
  • Waiter and Waitresses.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Food Servers.

What job gives the least money?

The 10 lowest-paying jobs in the United States
  • Shampooers: $25,160.
  • Fast food cooks: $25,490.
  • Hosts and hostesses (restaurant/lounge/coffee shop): $26,000.
  • Fast food and counter workers: $26,060.
  • Amusement and recreation attendants: $26,110.
  • Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers: $26,390.
  • Cashiers: $26,770.
Jan 1, 2023

What is the cheapest salary in the US?

The federally mandated minimum wage in the United States is 7.25 U.S. dollars per hour, although the minimum wage varies from state to state. As of January 1, 2023, the District of Columbia had the highest minimum wage in the U.S., at 16.50 U.S. dollars per hour.

What is the most easiest paid job?

12 high-paying simple jobs
  • Garbage truck driver.
  • Massage therapist.
  • Claims adjuster.
  • Customer service representative.
  • Chauffeur.
  • Sales representative.
  • Truck driver.
  • Dispatcher.
Aug 2, 2023

Is 60k a year good?

Generally speaking, $60,000 per year is considered a modest income in California, especially in areas like San Francisco or Los Angeles where the cost of living is high. However, it is possible to live a comfortable lifestyle in California with this salary if you manage your expenses carefully.

Who is the lowest-paid NFL player?

While Tyrone Swoopes won the reigning title of the lowest-paid NFL player in 2021, looking at the low end of league earners isn't as simple. NFL players face different minimum values that depend on their contract and designation as active or inactive players.

What is the lowest job in USA?

Food service workers and their colleagues at bars and restaurants dominate the list of the lowest-paid professions, taking up six of the top 10 spots. Still, the people who shampoo your hair at the local salon take the top spot, at $18,600 per year.

What jobs are middle class?

22 middle-class careers to consider
  • Massage therapist.
  • Interpreter.
  • Office manager.
  • Electrician.
  • Police officer.
  • Social media specialist.
  • Truck driver.
  • Professor.
Mar 10, 2023

What is the hardest job in the world?

The 9 Hardest, Most Demanding & Difficult Jobs
  • Surgeons. ...
  • Military Personnel. ...
  • Firefighters. ...
  • Social Workers. ...
  • Astronauts. ...
  • Special Education Teachers. ...
  • Miners. ...
  • Oil Rig Workers. Oil rig workers operate in the middle of oceans, enduring isolation, grueling physical work, and hazardous conditions.
Jul 16, 2023

Is making 8000 a month good?

In some regions or countries, $8,000 a month can be considered a very good income and provide a comfortable living for many people. In other areas with a higher cost of living, it may be considered a modest income.

Is $12,000 dollars a month good in USA?

So yes, it's a good salary. In the United States, $12,000 a month would be considered a high salary.

Is 75k a low salary?

While people have different qualifications and different ideas of what constitutes a good salary, most would consider $75,000 per year to be good pay.

What are the most laid back jobs?

22 jobs for laid-back personalities
  • Dental hygienist.
  • Application developer.
  • Occupational therapist.
  • Mathematician.
  • Speech-language pathologist.
  • Actuary.
  • Orthodontist.
  • Optometrist.
Feb 3, 2023

Where is it easy to get hired?

Fast-hiring jobs are mostly located in the food business, retail, and hospitality fields:
  • Fast food restaurants: McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, all Pizza places.
  • Coffee shops: Starbucks, Costa, Greggs, Caffé Nero.
  • Retail stores: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco.
Jan 10, 2022

What is the easiest job to make 100K a year?

Easiest Jobs That Pay $100K
  • Information Technology Manager. Average Annual Salary: $119,500. ...
  • Risk Manager. Average Annual Salary: $116,000. ...
  • Hacker. Average Annual Salary: $86,000. ...
  • Geophysicist. Average Annual Salary: $105,000. ...
  • Equity Research Associate. ...
  • Dentist. ...
  • Investment Banking Associate. ...
  • Optometrist.
Aug 1, 2023

Is $100,000 a good salary?

A $100,000 salary is considered good in most parts of the country, and can cover typical expenses, pay down debt, build savings, and allow for entertainment and hobbies. According to the U.S. Census, only 15.3% of American households make more than $100,000 annually.

How much is $58,000 a year per hour?

$58,000 a year is how much an hour? If you make $58,000 a year, your hourly salary would be $27.88.

How much is 100k a year hourly?

$100,000 a year is how much an hour? If you make $100,000 a year, your hourly salary would be $48.08.

Who is the lowest paid QB?

The incredible story of Brock Purdy: The NFL's lowest-paid quarterback... who could be the new king. Brock Purdy's rise. Few Hollywood screenplays could top the incredible true story of Brock Purdy.

Who is the richest NFL player?

Top 10 Richest NFL Players Ever
RankPlayerNet Worth
1Jerry Richardson$2 billion
2Roger Staubach$600 million
3Tom Brady$300 million
4Fran Tarkenton$300 million
6 more rows
Dec 1, 2023

What is the lowest NBA salary?

The minimum salary for players signing contracts in the 2023-2024 NBA season amounted to over 1.1 million U.S. dollars. This is the first time that the minimum salary has exceeded the one million dollar mark, with the minimum salary in the 2021-2022 season estimated at just over 925 thousand U.S. dollars.

What jobs are less popular?

These Are the 100 Least Popular Jobs in America
  • 100. Parking Enforcement Workers. ...
  • Epidemiologists. - Number employed: 7,500. ...
  • Gambling and Sports Book Writers and Runners. - Number employed: 7,500. ...
  • Ship Engineers. - Number employed: 7,480. ...
  • Traffic Technicians. ...
  • Shoe and Leather Workers and Repairers. ...
  • Dancers. ...
  • Exercise Physiologists.
May 7, 2021

What jobs are declining in America?

Fastest declining occupations
2022 National Employment Matrix title2022 National Employment Matrix codeEmployment change, percent, 2022–32
Watch and clock repairers49-9064-29.8
Roof bolters, mining47-5043-28.5
Cutters and trimmers, hand51-9031-28.2
Telephone operators43-2021-26.6
28 more rows
Sep 6, 2023

What is the least populated job?

Below is a list of the least common jobs with the total number of jobs in parenthesis:
  • Animal breeders (1,240)
  • Wooden model makers (1,240)
  • Radio operators (1,160)
  • Segmental pavers (1,110)
  • Mathematical technicians (1,080)
  • Industrial-organizational psychologists (1,040)
  • Wood patternmakers (870)
  • Fabric Menders (800)
Apr 28, 2014

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