Fine arts of Fergana valley. A guide to local arts and painters for real connoisseurs.

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Welcome to Silka Gallery a.k.a FergArt, the only online gallery and private collection featuring fine art works by contemporary and 20th century artists who lived and worked in Fergana valley of Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union). The collection has more than 200 pieces of art acquired over the period of 15 years. This collection is the largest private collection and gallery in the world run by enthusiasts reconstructing the 20th century history of Fergana art.

Though located in the middle of Central Asia, which is quite far away from Paris, Amsterdam and even Moscow, Fergana produced a great number of artists who represent a unique fusion of classic French and European impressionist style, some Asian influence, and hints of Russian cubism and Avant-Garde. We sincerely believe that a small town in the middle of Central Asia has enough artistic talent to become a soon-to-be-discovered sensational addition to the world of coveted fine art.

When you continue on to browsing the gallery pages, you will discover a number of yet unfamiliar names representing different artistic styles and mediums. Please take your time to compare pieces of art from different artists and try to find similarities in what they depict in the paintings, tapestry pieces and batik art panels. Try to understand what inspires the artists of Fergana and feel what surrounds them in daily life.

If you suddenly fall in love with one (or many) of the artists and what they produced, don't be surprised, you are not the only one. Stop by the gallery on the weekend (by appointment) and take a closer look at what you liked. If you are an art collector, talk to the collection owners about how to acquire a painting from an artist you liked. If you are decorating your house and not a big fan of taking care of original pieces of art, think about ordering a print. The gallery owners will order a print (framed, stretched on canvas, giclee - your choice) of painting you liked and all proceeds minus the cost will be shared between the artist, the Association of Fergana artists to support their cause, and the gallery to support the research.

Please visit Silka Gallery online or in person and enjoy the visit.

Erkin Vorobyev, oil on canvas,
11 x 15 in (28 x 38 cm)
Nikolai Glavyuk, watercolor,
11 x 18 in (29 x 46 cm)
Vassily Mishenko, oil on board,
17 x 21 in (43 x 53 cm)

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